Mary Ann's Dance and More
Ambassador Program

Represent Mary Ann's Dance and More at your studio!

Are you passionate about dance?  Would you like to represent your dance studio?   Then we'd love to have you as part of team Mary Ann’s Dance and More to represent our brand.  You must have public social media outlets and a positive attitude to inspire others. 

Will reward you for referring your dance friends to our store! You will receive a percentage of the sale when you send your dance friends to visit our store for their dancewear.

Who is a Dance Ambassador?

Mary Ann’s Dance and More Ambassador would be someone who:

  • Tries out the newest dance products and shares their experiences 

  • Keeps us up -to- date about with your studio's dress code, and special needs for upcoming competitions, performances and recitals.

  • Helps in the picking out process for the next items available at Mary Ann’s Dance and More

  • Receives samples and tests out the newest gear and dancewear from our multitude of companies.

  • Posts positive and age appropriate posts tagging Mary Ann’s Dance and More on all social media platforms. 

  • Post at least 2 posts per month 

  • Post videos and pics and reviews for the us and your followers

  • Has the opportunity to view new products before they even hit the sales floor.

  • Will be featured on our website and social media sites.

  • Will be required to come into the store a few time throughout the year.

breakdancing in pink pants

Who Can Apply?

  • Are you a dancer, gymnast or cheerleader that is a student at one of the Western Massachusetts area dance studio, gymnastics center between 12 -18 (dancers under 14 must include parents’ consent)?

  • Do you follow us on our Social Media channels?

  • Fill out an application. 

  • Post a picture of you in your favorite Mary Ann's Dance and More product on Instagram and tag @MaryAnnsDance with the #MDMAmbassadorSearch

dancing in purple pants

What does a Dance Ambassador Do?

  • Keep in touch with us via phone or email.  We want to know what's going on with your studio whether it's an upcoming competition or performance or changes in dress code.

  • Each of our Studio Ambassadors will have opportunities to model on our website, and be presented as "Dancer of the Month" on our Facebook Page!

  • We expect you to promote our online store and encourage your friends to purchase dancewear from our store. This will help you to earn commissions. 

Additional details will be provided once we receive your application!

sports bra and shorts