November 5, 2019

On my soapbox today!

Let me start this post with a debt of gratitude to all the wonderful customers that shop and are loyal to Mary Ann’s Dance and More as well as the studios and school teachers that encourage shopping with us.

I personally love owning/operating my busi...

May 1, 2018

Pardon me while I get on my soapbox...I've gotten several calls to fit girls younger than 9 for pointe shoes. Yes, pointe shoes, not ballet shoes - "for fun so she can dance on her toes!" There is a huge difference between pointe shoes and ballet shoes.

Did you know tha...

May 1, 2018

Tips to have a successful pointe shoe fitting:

1.  Please wear something comfortable that you are able to move freely in.

2.  Convertible tights are helpful-do not wear full footed tights as we will need to examine your bare feet.

3.  Make sure your toenails are neatly cl...