Check Acceptance

* No check will be accepted from individuals except for the payment purchase (no cash back).
* No post-dated checks will be accepted.
* No third-party checks will be accepted.
* Checks that are returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will be accessed a $25 service charge.
* NSF checks will also results in:
~ Party writing the check losing the privilege of paying for store purchases by check.
~ Party writing the check *making good,* in cash, on the NSF check within 2 days of notification. The original check amount plus the fee for NSF ($25) must be received or party writing the check will be sent to collection and/or face legal action.
~ Party writing the check being responsible for any/all of the cost to the store associated with being sent to collection and/or legal action. This is in addition to the original check amount and the NSF fee ($25).
~ Payment will be accepted by cash, cashier*s check or money order only for future purchases.