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Shopping Local IS Important

On my soapbox today!

Let me start this post with a debt of gratitude to all the wonderful customers that shop and are loyal to Mary Ann’s Dance and More as well as the studios and school teachers that encourage shopping with us.

I personally love owning/operating my business every day. What concerns me most is why a studio chooses to purchase items online or through a studio vendor when they are on average no more than 20 minutes away from our dance store that stocks that item(s) or is more than willing to go that extra mile and would order. As a small business retailer, I always bend over backward to ensure customers/studios have the items they need, when they need them and even offer studio orders so there is no work on the part of the studio owner/dance teachers.

Here is the catch...I don’t teach dance. Retail is my only source of income, yet some studios want to teach and to retail as well. Myself and other dance retailers often feel defeated by Amazon, Discount Dance, and others. But I do like to know that many studios and teachers support shopping locally when able.

Many small businesses offer what the big box stores do even though it’s more difficult. We put an emphasis on customer service, education and expert knowledge. Things that the big box stores can’t and don’t offer.

We are trying to keep up at our personal cost. Free/discount delivery/shipping. Parent discounts/studio discounts. Inventory geared to your studio needs. The point I am trying to make is teaching dance plus retailing equals 2 incomes. Retailing and not teaching dance only

1 income.

Much love 💕 to all who support shopping locally. We are not “prime” but we get it right the first time. ☺️

(Feel free to share.)

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